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Things, concepts and events are clear when we manage to understand their purpose, existence and function. When we encounter a situation described above, understanding and correct reactions are the most important. Our system of internal training constantly boosts the self-confidence of all employees and prepares them for a multitude of unpredictable situations they may encounter in their working environment in order to offer better assistance when you might need it.


We have also elaborated education and training programmes for a broader public in view of your needs and the specifics of a working or home environment determined by the society.


Especially for educational institutions, we developed a special module called SCHOOLTEACHER-RESCUER (for teachers at schools), or KINDERGARTEN TEACHER-RESCUER (for teachers in kindergartens).


This module is based especially on the education of teaching staff and on the handling of unforeseen situations involving children whose lives may be saved by the right actions at the right moments.


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