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  • towards the society,
  • towards other people,
  • towards our users,
  • towards our partners and workers and their families


has been our motto since 1992, when:


  • a mobile phone was that with a wire long enough to let you walk around the flat,
  • facebook was a family album with photos we opened when Sunday TV programme was boring, to look at our ancestors, relatives and friends,
  • Savsko naselje was at the outskirts of Ljubljana,
  • Pacient d.o.o., Ljubljana got its registration number and started to exist.


Pacient d.o.o., podjetje za zdravstvene storitve, Savska cesta 3, Ljubljana, and its affiliated companies today employ over 120 people.


We also have branch offices in Zagreb (www.pacijent.hr) and Beograd (www.pacijent.rs).


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